My kitchen table had become a nuisance. Instead of serving the purpose of what it was intended for, family meals, it became a dumping ground for school projects, mail, unfinished business, you name it. And I started to get sick of it.

I told The Engineer one particularly frustrating day that I was going to change things up. (he gets very nervous when I start talking like this) The kitchen is where most people congregate, right? So why not make it comfortable and cozy? So I took the table out of my fairly small kitchen, and sort of converted it to a “keeping room”. I softened the windows with some aqua burlap panels, added to slipcovered swivel chairs, made an ottoman out of some cool looking fabric, and voila!

Now family and friends could sit down, relax and enjoy each other. And just so you don’t think we never ate dinner together anymore, our dining room was attached to our kitchen. So, we started eating in there! Why did we need two places to eat, anyway?
We don’t live in this house anymore, but, I still miss that cozy little nook. In fact, the buyers of our home wanted us to leave those chairs behind! I guess my bright idea even turned out to be a selling feature. (But, we didn’t let them keep the chairs)