Congratulations!  You are updating your home with brand new custom drapery panels.  All thats left is hanging them.  We offer these important tips for selecting drapery hardware and rods, so your new drapery investment is enhanced for years to come.

Selecting drapery hardware is maybe the last, but very important decision in your project; its sort of hard to hang your panels without it!  Your drapery hardware can complete the look, enhance a style you are trying to achieve and are an accessory that can be just as eye catching as the draperies, themselves.

Fortunately, many styles, finishes and selections are available today. And there are some great selections and styles that are very budget friendly. And, if you have purchased ready-made panels, you may not want to invest in custom hardware.  Lowes, Pottery Barn and World Market are just a few great places to look for drapery hardware.  They also offer a variety of ready-made drapes at great prices.

Check out how we helped this newlywed couple upgrade their ready made curtains with ready-made drapery hardware!  Just because you can’t have custom yet, doesn’t mean you can’t have a good looking space!

If your budget will allow you to invest in a little more, however, there are good reasons to purchase custom drapery hardware to complement your drapery panel investment.

First, custom drapery hardware is cut to fit the width of your drapery panels.  This alleviates the need for a telescoping rod(one that adjusts to the width). One big disadvantage of the telescoping rods is that is can become very difficult to open and close because the rings get caught up on the expander.

Custom Drapery Rods allow coverage of a wider space

In addition, custom hardware visually provides a seamless premium look that just fits with custom panels. They are typically a heavier weight and have premium finishes, which also adds to a more custom appearance.

If you have invested in high quality or designer fabric, it probably makes sense to complete the look with custom hardware.  Even in our custom lines we offer a range of hardware.

If you have made the decision to go custom there are several things to consider:

  1. What type of look lends itself to your room and fabric?  Are you going for a modern, traditional or more eclectic style?  Rods come a variety of finishes: brass, wood, iron and even lucite.
  2. Are you planning on having pleats?  You can attach pleats        using rings or no rings, directly to the rod using tab back.
  3. Grommets are also an option which require no rings. (Although, it is a trade off with the extra expense of custom grommets)

Below are a few of the types of hardware we carry in our Etsy Shop:

Brushed Brass Hardware

Slender brushed brass rods add a crispy modern flair to a living space. Below is an installation we did for a casual family room.

In addition, you can’t go wrong with black rods. Always classic, and work with most any fabric you choose.

And also a black wrought iron, a more traditional look.

Black Wrought Iron rods can be custom fit to a large bay window area.

These are few of the rods we are featuring in our shop right now.  If you want to learn more about selecting and installing drapery panels in general you can check out this previous post we did.

In the meantime, we hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.  We even had an appearance by Santa on Christmas Eve. (and yes, the beard is authentic!)