When I was in college, a favorite pastime of mine, and most all of my friends, was the sought after, deeply enjoyable and restful time that occurred after a night of staying out way too late. This extra slumber period usually occurred after getting up briefly for a piece of stale toast, cereal, maybe some chocolate milk, then easing back into a nice peaceful sleep that usually lasted until mid-afternoon.

I actually recreated this scenario a few years ago, but the circumstances were vastly different. Upon closing Shop 3, I sort of had a little bit of extra time on my hands. Okay, call it depression, feeling lost, like a loser, I’m not sure what it was. One morning, my friend, Jeanne called me late morning and asked what I was doing. Well, I replied sheepishly, I actually went back to bed. “Oh,” she said, “you re-racked! Awesome!”

“I what?” I asked. Jeanne proceeded to explain to me that she “re-racked” in college, as well. Everyone did. “Consider it your rejuvenation period,” she said. She added,”you have had a lot happen recently. It’s okay to relax, rest and consider your next step.” Suddenly, I didn’t feel so bad. Yeah, my rejuvenation period, I pondered, dreaming up my next step, nourishing my soul. Right then and there, I decided to stop feeling guilty.

In addition, what I really like about mid-life re-racking is that it offers so much more pampering than those college days. Instead of climbing back into my hand-me-down 100 thread- count scratchy sheets, I sink into my premium, soft luxurious Pinecone Hill sheets. Trust me, bedding makes all the difference in the world. I have their sheet sets on all of my beds. My guests appreciate it, too.

Please consider this: Even if you cannot re-rack during the weekday, make time for an occasional one on the weekend. I believe it can be as effective as yoga or a five- mile run. It is therapeutic, restorative and maybe most importantly, you will feel a lot better about yourself!