So, all of my adult life I have wanted a keeping room.  Five houses later and half a century into my life, I finally got one.  I wanted a cozy little keeping room off of my kitchen so badly, in our last home, I chucked my kitchen table from its spot in my last kitchen, and created a sort of, kind of, pseudo keeping room.  You can read about it here:  Why I Got Rid of my Kitchen Table.

Well,  good things (sometimes) come to those who wait. In our new house, we finally got a keeping room, and I couldn’t wait to make it the great little gathering spot I new it could be.

First, we did have to close in a wall to the family room. This house had an extremely open floor plan.  Once that was complete, it was a perfect cozy nook off the kitchen, to create a welcoming place to relax and hang out.

My inspiration for this room started with this rug.  My good friend and interior designer, Michelle Dickens at, found it for me at an antique store in near Asheville, NC.  I loved it!  I decided to work some of the colors of the rug into the room (yes, pink!)

I purchased this couch at a consignment store.  I liked the neutralness of it.  But, it was all one color.  Michelle recommended that I recover the seat with a contrasting color.  So we choose a dark brown velvet fabric.  It completely changed the look of the couch!  One of the things I like best about this sofa is that it has only one large cushion.  No cracks to sink into!

The wall that we filled in turned out to be a great spot for my grandmother’s old hutch, which I decided to repaint and turn into a bar cabinet.  A while back, I struggle with whether to keep this cabinet, as I never could seem to find the right place or use for it.  But, I am glad I did!  I love the gray, and it is perfect for keeping happy hour supplies.

My fiddle leaf fig is now thriving in this room.  I think its because it gets light, but not too much.  I’ve killed two, so third time is a charm.  I also figured out that you do not want to overwater these plants.  Once a week is plenty.  For more growing tips check out our blog post:  Fiddle Leaf Fig:  Take the Plunge.  Every room looks better with one of these.

These nesting tables I purchased at a consignment store, also.  I was a little nervous then about the metallic look, but so excited when I went to High Point Furniture Mart a few weeks ago, and saw metallic everywhere.  My lamp is from Marshalls, a great place to find accessories for your home at great prices.

One of my favorite textile designers is Lacefield Designs.  I love their bold and unique prints.  Gray is one of my favorite colors of the moment.  So, I choose this charcoal gray fabric for the drapery panels in the room.  Then I knew I needed some color pop.  That’s where the pink from the rug comes in.  I wanted something brighter, so I picked these bright pink pillows from Lacefield.  I love how it pops on the sofa!

My ottoman is an old DIY gone bad.  I recovered it myself and that didn’t work out so well, so this time I found someone to recover it in this great gray and white Ikat design.

And Sugarboo Designs makes the best products with inspirational and clever quotes.  Pillows, framed artwork or cut out metal like  you see below.  I have several of their accessories in our home  and love them all.

So, the room is finally complete and ready for a cup of coffee,  happy hour or a nesting place to read.  I guess sometimes good things do come to those who wait…….and I’ve been waiting a long time:)

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Happy weekend and Happy Halloween!

hogs and kisses,