Upon returning home from our LA trip, I was racking my brain trying to come up with small gift ideas to send all of the great people that showed Sam and me around (Check out Textile Tuesday and Titanic for more trip info).

Well, I really like to give people things that represent, or at least are made in the area where I live.  This can prove to be very difficult when most everything is made in China these days.

Enter Bubba Watson:  you know, that guy that just won the Masters for the second time?

Enter The South:  the textile mecca of the world until everything left for China?

Enter Jeanne:  who, thank goodness was watching TV exactly at the time I was searching for gifts?

She told me she had just read about this textile company, Kent Wool Socks, from Pickens, SC, who was just featured on the news because they made the “Best Golf Sock in the World” and it was manufactured right here in South Carolina!   Better yet, they are the ONLY socks, Bubba Watson, 2014 Master’s Champion, and a homegrown southern hero, wears.

Need a Father’s Day gift?  Look no further.  Mother’s Day gift?  That works, too.  They make them in pink for women!  What dad or mom wouldn’t appreciate a little help with his/her golf game? They are especially helpful for blister prevention.

So this Textile Tuesday deviates from the usual fabrics we feature.  But, made in the USA?  It doesn’t get much better than that.

hogs and kisses,