Greetings from LA!

Its Spring Break in South Carolina, so I’m out here touring colleges and film schools with my seventeen year old son, Sam. He has been interested in media and special effects since he was twelve. He asked for a camera one Christmas and the rest was history. He started shooting videos with his friend, Eric, then posting them on YouTube.

I knew we were in trouble when computer parts started showing up on our doorstep. He had ordered them with money made from videos. All I know is one time I had to go to the store and buy a turkey leg because it looked more like a human bone. It was for an arm wrestling video in which the forearm broke off—-I guess that’s what they mean by special effects! So if you want to see their work go to SokrispyMedia.

And, even though I’m chilling in LA, I didn’t forget Textile Tuesday! And I owe you one because last week I got sidetracked with a job. Forgive me.

Textile Tuesday today features one of the most viewed and sought after fabrics we offer on our home shop and on Etsy. Geometrics are still taking center stage with this soft understated design offered in three color ways. The gray, blue or black choice compliment the ivory linen background making it a perfect selection for roman shades, pillows or drapery panels.

You can check out this fabric and get inspired for other ideas for your home at our home shop or our etsy shop. Now for the Textile Tuesday, I owe you from last week. This is so cool. Yesterday, Sam and I were lucky enough, through a friend, to get a tour of Fox Studios. Of course, I went nuts when I saw the costume department. Textiles are textiles, whether used for wardrobes or in our homes. We got to see one of the gowns Rose wore in the movie Titanic! Check this out!
I can still see Rose and Jack standing on the bow of the ship, hair blowing in the wind. Man, that was a great movie. Not sure I would have thrown the diamond overboard, but that’s just me. I’ll try to keep you posted on our most recent escapades; on the calendar for today is a tour of USC ! hogs and kisses, recreateyour