It’s April, that time of year when fashion stress kicks into high gear. What to wear? What to wear? Flannel, suede and leather are looking pretty drab and unexciting. Spring is here, but there is still a nip in the air; sleeveless attire seems still months away. I look in my closet and draw a blank.

Fortunately, over five years ago, I met Ashley Bickerstaff, of StyleEnvy. She walked into my shop, looking for someone to do some monogramming. While chatting, I learned that she was a wardrobe consultant. Well, it didn’t take me more than 5 seconds to ask her to come to my home and deconstruct my closet.

Wow–within a few hours, she helped me get rid of things I held onto for way too long and breathed new life to things I had long since forgotten. With her expertise, we even put together new outfits with clothing and accessories I had never matched up before.

Later, we went shopping for a few badly needed basics and essentials. In just a short time, she assembled a Spring wardrobe for me. Had I tried to do this on my own, surely I would still have unnecessary articles of clothing with tags on them, collecting dust to this day.

Ashley is awesome. She cuts through the fashion clutter and provides expertise in choosing not only statement pieces for your wardrobe, but things you can mix and match. The end result is you truly get use out of your wardrobe! Her unique fashionista ability to make several key pieces come together 4-5 different ways for multiple looks, is nothing short of amazing.

We just got together yesterday, so I asked her if she wouldn’t mind suggesting a few tips for our readers, on a few essentials every woman needs for Spring.

Ashley’s Fashion Tips for Spring:

White Jeans—Everyone needs a pair of these in their closet. Ashley says forget the old rules. She wears white jeans from March-November. You can get them in any style that fits your shape: cropped, skinny, straight. Just make sure you get them!

Get a great lightweight scarf–Scarves are not just for fall/winter! A lightweight scarf, colorful or neutral, adds impact to many outfits. We purchased butterfly print scarf for me with corals, blues and greens; all the colors that work well for me. In addition, you can wear the scarf for three different looks: wrapped around your neck as an infinity scarf, worn as a shawl or tied around your waist as a sarong.

Add Pop of Color — Add one “off” color, complimentary in your outfit’s color wheel, to what you are wearing. For instance, if you are wearing an outfit with blues, pop it with one coral piece, such as shoes, necklace or a purse. It will add dimension and pull your look together.

The wardrobe pieces above similar to what Ashley helped me pick out for my updates. Fortunately, they also work great and coordinate with pieces we picked out last year, which is even better. Note, Pine Cone Hill one of our favorite companies, has more than just bedding. Check out their beautiful spring scarves.

Hope this helps as you head to your favorite store for your own updates.

Happy shopping,