With Easter just around the corner, if we haven’t taken down our Winter home decor and accessorized for Spring, there’s no time like the present to start! I am not going to be here for the holiday, but I still like to give our home a new inspired look for the new season.

I was able to pull off a Spring update in just a few hours using the same simple steps I use no matter what the season. By following these tips, you won’t have to spend days decorating. A few well placed items in key places in our homes is all we need.

Try these 3 ideas for easy stress-free decorating:

1. Flowers– There is nothing that shouts Spring more than flowers! They can be fresh or not. This year, I will be gone for Spring Break and don’t want flowers dying from lack of water so I purchased some silk tulips. I happened to be walking by Pottery Barn after leaving my class at the Apple store, and saw them in the window. I thought, perfect! I placed them in a white container in my foyer, usually reserved for fresh plants, like mums or hydrangeas. While not fresh, they still feel like Spring! An added bonus is that I can use them year after year.

2. Centerpiece for Table–A couple of years ago I invested in these neat looking vintage glass jars from Blue Ocean Traders. Each season, I place them on my dining room table and fill them with different seasonal decor I find: pinecones, moss, stones, beans, gourds, etc. For Spring I chose colorful eggs nestled in pretty green moss. Again, by purchasing a few key anchor pieces like jars and vases, you only need to purchase the accessories to place in them each season.

3. Treats– I alway have little seasonal treats in a candy dish on my foyer table. Candycorn, robin eggs, chocolates. They don’t last long, and have to be refilled often; illustrating that everyone likes a little treat when arriving or leaving. Its small and easy gesture that everyone appreciates!

What simple tips do you have for decorating your home for different seasons? Please share your ideas in the comments section below. Would love to hear them!

hogs and kisses,