I decided to post a blog on the difference between an inside mounted roman shade and outside mounted roman shade, because quite frankly, I get a lot of questions on this subject!  What is the difference?  How do I choose?  Will I make the right choice?  These are pressing questions keeping many of you up at night;  so sit back and relax.  I’m here to help.  Then you can agonize over your next big decision, like what type of coffee your going to order at Starbucks……fat, non- fat, caffe, non-caffe, half-caffe.  That, my friends, is what is really exhausting.

Now, there are two basic types of mounting for roman shades:  inside mount or outside mount.

The good news is that there is no correct way; it is totally personal preference.  Now, that being said,  there are a few things to consider when making your decision.

Inside mounting requires attaching the shade to the window frame, while with an outside mount, the roman shade is typically attached to the wall.  Both are shown below:

Inside Mounted Roman Shade–window frame is visible

Outside Mounted Roman Shade–shade covers window frame

Inside mounted shades are a great way to show off attractive molding/window frame.  It is a very tailored look.  This type of mounting works best when a window frame has at least a 1″ depth, so the shade lies flush with the frame.  The shade is attached to the frame inset with screws drilled up through the board that it is mounted to .

Outside mounted shades offer more flexibility for mounting.  For instance, the shade can be mounted anywhere above the window, even to create an illusion of a larger window.  However, if you have other considerations such as doors, cupboards, etc. near the window, inside mounting offers a better choice.

If you have no architectural obstacles, you’re free to choose the look you like best.

Both treatments are a great way to dress a window and enhance your living space!  For more examples and inspiration, visit our Etsy shop by clicking on the store tab at the top of this page. And now that we have this question resolved, let’s move on to more pressing issues like how many Splendas do we really need in that Venti coffee?

Happy window shopping!

Hogs and kisses,