As the old saying goes, “they grow up so fast”, nothing could be a truer.  As much as those long exhausting days and sleepless nights seem as though they will never end, suddenly they are gone in the blink of an eye.

For us,  the tiny tot phase has come and gone…..but, we have been able to preserve and capture those precious moments in time, thanks to my seamstress, Elena’s husband, Vladimir.  We did not realize when Elena started working for me seven years ago, that her husband was an artist, specializing in portraits.  But, we both knew from the moment she brought his work in, we needed him to paint something of our children.

As kids and the beach just seem to go together, we both gave Vladimir our favorite beach photographs and he painted the portraits from the pictures.

Born in Kok-Yangak, Kyrgyzstan in 1951. Vladimir studied for five years at the Kyrgyzstan Art College graduating in 1979. He worked on public art projects doing mosaics, commercial posters and other decorative art works.

He started his new life in 2004 by moving to the United States. He began doing custom portraits in New Hampshire while working in the public sector. He uses charcoal, pastels or oils for his portraits. He can create beautiful  pictures from photographs which may be e-mailed or mailed to him.

Vladimir enjoys traveling and taking photos which he uses as his inspiration for many of his oils. He enjoys painting horses and landscapes and flowers. His use of bright colors makes his art full of life and light.

Vladimir and his wife and two sons now live in Greenville, S.C.  They moved to South Carolina in 2007. He enjoys painting the local scenery in Greenville and surrounding areas.You can see his art on Henderson Gallery on Main St , on Bennett’s Art Gallery on 2100 Laurens Rd, and in Palmetto home and Garden in Greenville, SC.

He can paint from pictures and from original views. Visit his website at