I can’t believe we’ve lived in our home for two years.  And I really can’t believe that I started thinking about window treatments for my family room two years ago.  What’s the old saying about the cobbler’s kids being the last to get shoes?  Well, let’s just say my window treatment business has produced a lot of beautiful treatments for clients, locally and on Etsy, in the past two years, just not for me.  So as they say on The Lion King,  “it is time.”

At first I couldn’t decide roman shades or panels?

I was drawn to our most popular linen geometric fabric on our Etsy Shop, and I  loved this blue.  And I knew it made a beautiful roman shade, but I have to tell you, I love a good drapery panel and the way it softens a room.

Then I came across this fabric and the decision was made.  This kiwi color would give a pop to our family room, without being in your face.

Pavilion Fret

I had my installer, Cade, come and hang the iron rods I chose, because although The Engineer, aka hubby, is great at this task, I wanted it done before Easter.

What I didn’t expect was The Engineer’s reaction.  “I thought we were doing roman shades?  And why are you hanging those rods so high?”  He’s never really happy when we put holes in the walls.

I patiently explained that he should just trust me.  I haven’t been doing this for 24 years without knowing what will look good.  I mean, I don’t ask him why he keeps old motor and toilet parts stored out in our garage, just waiting for the project that never comes. (actually, I do ask him.  I just don’t get an answer:))

I like to hang rods as high as possible when I am putting drapery panels in a room.  It totally elongates the room and looks so much better than hanging them right at the top of the window.

“Trust me,” I respond.

The moment of truth.  I get the drapes done and The Engineer helps hanging them.

I absolutely love the way it looks!  And what did The Engineer say?  Drum roll please………”wow, that really transforms this room.”  Never doubted it for a moment.

I also felt like new pillows were in order for the fall.  Because, I always say, if you want to add an instant decor update in your home, change it up with new pillows!

So, I had some Ikat pillows already on my couch that I liked.  But, I felt like with the new window treatments, I needed to change it up.  I have been obsessed with orange lately, and why not since its autumn?

I am so excited about how it turned out.  The drapes really complete the room, I think.  And I love the pop of color the navy and orange pillows add.  Who knew those three colors could look so good together?

A few other highlights in the room:

When I was at Market a few months ago, I came across some twine.  I liked it and had some great ideas of what to do with the rolls of it.  Then, I got home and promptly forgot.  So, the other day I threw them in some vintage jars I had.

Not bad!

I guess I ordered these cute Westie bookends, too, because they arrived in the mail the other day!

So here are a few more things I’ve done recently to the room.

I added an animal print swivel chair I love.

My bookshelves—ever evolving.

And of course, although I would prefer to have a blank fireplace mantel to decorate, our TV(as with many households) takes center stage. So, not much room for creativity there!

Believe it or not, I bought this animal skin rug at a gas station from a guy that had them all strung on a clothes line outside the Citgo!

Enjoy the beautiful fall weekend!

hogs and kisses,