I have some serious jet lag going after taking the red eye home from LA.  But, what a week!  Sam and I had quite a few escapades and adventures, which I’m putting together in a sort of timeline (the Engineer’s idea) to share with you all.  It may take a few days, but let’s just say, being on the west coast, I felt a little like Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz; we’re not in Kansas, or specifically, South Carolina, anymore! But until I get a chance to recap our “College Road Trip” , let’s shift focus to a project I’ve had in the works for awhile.  This week’s Textile Tuesday is taking place in my own home.  I’ve been wanting to brighten up my laundry room for some time now.  When we first moved to our new home last year, I quickly threw up some roman shades, to cover the window.  They were made from a dark brown linen fabric, but no pizazz.  Now, since laundry doesn’t quite rank up there on a top 20 list of fun things to do, I need something that makes me want to go in there and take on those oil and grass stains with enthusiasm.  Okay, well maybe that’s stretching it a little, but at least a cheery room to brighten my day. Of course, in the color wheel you can’t get much cheerier than yellow, right?  Yellow and gray are probably one of my most favorite color combinations right now.  So when Elena texted me a picture of this fabric a few weeks ago, during a visit to a outlying fabric warehouse, I said, “buy the whole bolt!”  My impulsive nature taking over?  Maybe, but I knew not only would it be perfect for my laundry room, but customers would no doubt be wanting to get their hands on this great geometric print, as well.  (you can thank me later for thinking of you.) Roman shades, pillow covers or even drapery panels would create an instant impact to any room when made with this gray and yellow fabric.  And its so fresh and Springy!  I cannot wait to see how it looks! I drove the fabric over to Elena’s today, and knowing what a speedy efficient gal she is, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m installing the end of this week. Seriously,  I’m not sure if it was all the creative karma I absorbed while out in LA, but I thought, why not show our readers how flipping easy it is to install your own roman shades?????  So stay tuned, in a few days you will be seeing “Two 50 years old women and a Ladder”, unless we can get some attractive young model to help us out, ie. Sam’s girlfriend! When you see how easy it is, I have a feeling in the next few months we might be seeing a lot of laundry rooms updates on Pinterest:-)   

hogs and kisses,