How many of you out there went through some sort of pre-marriage classes or counseling before tying the knot?  If you got married in a church, probably most of you.  I decided, while interesting, knowing if your spouse is a morning or evening person, or if he likes his checkbook balanced monthly, or which way he squeezes his toothpaste, from the middle or bottom up, is not that helpful.

If you really want couples to know what type of strength it will take for the long haul, just make them start and complete a project together.  If they don’t kill each other, they will probably make it. Asking the Engineer to help me hang my new laundry room shade made me think of this.

Rather than asking, I just informed him I was about install the new roman shade, but first needed to clean the window outside the house because it was covered with pollen.  By stating this I accomplished two important things.  First, I was fairly certain he would rise from his chair to critique my window cleaning.  Secondly, I placed a seed of anxiety in his mind about holes in walls. (I’ve been known to put as many as six holes in a wall to get one picture centered just right.  Okay, so I’m not an engineer!)

Sure enough, not long after went outside to work my newspaper/vinegar and water magic, I heard the pitter-patter of feet approaching.  Two minutes later, this is how it went down:

It’s finished!  And I have to say, what a difference one little roman shade can make.  I haven’t felt this cheery about laundry since college, when I used to frequent a laundry mat called, Dudz ‘n Sudz, named appropriately because you drank beer and watched TV while you did laundry.  Those were the days.

I love this new brightened look!

And since The Engineer told me he invented a “system” for hanging roman shades, I will be sharing these tips in the next week.  Actually, I think my installer in Arizona, Rusty, taught me all I know, but that’s our secret.

hogs and kisses,