It’s funny how in this design, home decor world we are all connected.  Six people removed from Kevin Bacon, or six people away from knowing Kevin Bacon?  Well, I’m starting to think, the same holds true regardless of your business, location, etc.

About a year ago, I was contacted by a designer who I had never heard of, from Iowa, no less.  He was working with a couple building a lake home in the Cliffs Luxury Lake and Golf Community, not far from Greenville.  The interior designer, Bill Vanvliete, needed someone to make and install the window treatments for the couple’s new home.  Now, I went to school in Iowa nearly 30 years ago, but that was about it for my Iowa connection!  So I asked him, how did you get my name?  And he told me, “when I was at AmericaMart in Atlanta, someone recommended you.”  Wow, I thought, who could that be?

Well, I never did find out who it was, and what my connection was to them, but I do know this.  Its a small world out there.  I never thought I’d be working with a designer from Iowa on a lake house in South Carolina!

So, last week, I had the opportunity to go back the Campbell home to deliver some slipcovers to give their outside porch a fresh Spring look.  It was such a beautiful day, Jeanne went with me, and we snapped a bunch of pictures to share with you.  I had actually not been in the home since it was totally completed, so it was very exciting to see how all the collaboration and design elements came together to create one beautiful space.

Below, in the first picture, we just changed one slipcover, to show the contrast between what they had for Spring and Fall.  Then, the final product, in green, completes the update.

Another thing I love about this house is the way Bill helped the clients showcase the home and the beautiful views!  In many of the rooms, they chose the same fabric, a simple soft cream linen.  As you can see below, this fabric complimented each room with out overpowering it, or becoming itself the focal point.  Instead, the treatment enhanced the gorgeous view and the unique accessories  they had acquired for their home.

Several other rooms, such as his office and her office, they chose bolder more dramatic looks. A rich Jonathan Adler print provided masculinity for his office, and a trendy black and cream designer print for hers.

So, I started thinking, okay, we all don’t have a lake house to decorate. But, we all have things we can do to our environment to give it a lift!  How about a slip cover?  I have a some Target chairs on my porch that I was thinking would look great slipcovered.  Simple cream linen or linen-like window treatments can be purchased affordably and offer an instant impact to any room.  Its all about a little lift here , a little change there to make us all excited about the space we call home.

Happy dreaming and inspiring!