Most people I know have a specialty. It could be something they create, like my talented friend, Dina, makes some fabulous one of a kind jewelry out of old vintage jewelry she picks up from flea markets and Goodwill stores. As much as I’ve tried, I cannot duplicate my good friend Julie’s mouthwatering chili. It’s to die for. Then there is my sister-in- law’s homemade toffee. Need I say more? Delish!!

Well, mother’s specialty is mints. I know, it sounds a little corny and old fashioned, like a 1950’s wedding redo. Yes, they do sort of resemble those…but, I have to tell you, these mints are awesome. They have become such a hit with friends and acquaintances; people request them time and again to chronicle the most special events of their lives.

I know what you are thinking, how exciting are wedding bell mints when modern wedding themes have taken on a whole new meaning in today’s society?

Well, I can assure you, these are no ordinary mints.

When I opened my first shop, my mom made me adorable chocolate leaf and pumpkin mints to go with our autumn theme. I think a 4 year old came with her mom to our open house and polished off about 100 while her mom shopped.

When my friend, Mary, found out she was pregnant at 43, baby feet mints got many oohs and ahs from the ladies attending. For Mary, who was not expecting an addition after having three daughters over 10 years earlier, I like to think it brought a special sweetness to her shower.

Jody from Arizona just ordered Cowboy Hats and Boot mints for her daughter’s upcoming wedding to go with her western theme.

Then there were my husband’s 50th birthday party mints. Granny got a little naughty and used a mold shaped like two female body parts. The men especially enjoyed nibbling on those. One guest stuck a bunch in his pocket like a to go order.

Not sure what was up with that!

Sometimes she puts them on a stick and wraps cute cellophane around them, finished off with a cute little bow. Sometimes they are just in a just stacked in a bowl or on a tray for easy grazing.

All I know is, thank you mom, for adding something very special to some of the most important moments in people’s lives. No one else will be able to duplicate the care and love you put into each an every mint.

Granny’s mints, you gotta love ‘em.