A good friend of mine’s daughter, Madison, began working for me when she was a junior in high school. She would come after school, learned how to cut panels, pinch pleats, work the front of the shop and just about anything else you could thinkof. She added a spark to our days, filling us older women with tales of high school. We gratefully soaked it all in, remembering our own youth.

So Madison, now a savvy young communications professional, is getting married. And two aunts, several good friends and myself are throwing a shower for her and her fiancée, Robert. Now one thing you are going to learn about me is I LOVE to throw a party, and doing it with good friends only makes it better. Come to think of it, I guess I am now entering the “friend’s children getting married” years.

When throwing any event for someone I always try to find out something personal to make the evening special. So I asked Madison, what are some things you and Robert like to do together? Well, she said they like to run, hike, travel (the usual) and that they really liked to go to festivals. “Festivals??” I curiously responded, “like what kind of festivals?” Well, she explained they liked all kind of different ones, from Greek to cultural to music.

So like a dog with a bone, I latched onto the theme. It was so interesting to me thatI decided to create a whole wedding shower from this one idea. Immediately I spring into action and called up “the poem lady” otherwise know as my mother. She graciously agreed to help me, and off we went. Maybe this will be the “festival”years for Madison and Robert. I don’t know, but the years ahead for this special young couple in love, look nothing but bright and filled with love and laughter.

So here’s to Madison and Robert and “festivals”!

Check out the invitation below: