It’s Mid- January.  Christmas bills have arrived. You’re broke. It’s cold.  House looks stale as holiday decor is back in the attic……..ugh.  It’s the time of year everyone wonders if they have that sun deprivation syndrome, and starts to get serious about refilling their prozac prescription. You know what I’m talking about. Cheer up!  I am going to show you a quick and inexpensive way to update your interiors:  #Ikeasheepskins

I actually had the forethought to think about this problem (as it seems to re-occur every year) when I was picking up my son from the airport in December.  He was arriving home from college and I had to drive to Charlotte to pick him up.  He didn’t get in until evening so I had a little time to kill.

So I stopped off at Ikea, which probably has some of the greatest home decor ideas, for minimal cost.  If you haven’t been there recently, and you have one within a couple hours drive, it’s worth the trip.

Sheepskin has been a favorite for decorating for the past few years.  But, some of the authentic styles, from rugs to pillows to throws, can get a little pricey.

But, I was on a mission to find the throws I saw on on-line for $12.99.  Were they real? No.  But, were there a million ways you could incorporate them into your home and look great. Yes!

As I wandered through the maize of rooms through out the store,  I finally found them.  Jackpot!

Now, I must admit I am usually a quality versus quantity type of person all day long.  However, in my mind I’m thinking 4 of the fauxs would definitely make a bigger impact, for the less than the price of two of the authentic.  (and I could use the savings to get some of those awesome Swedish Meatballs, which we have a copycat recipe for on the blog, on the way out.) The choice was clear.

I nabbed four and headed to the food court.

So, here are a few ideas I played around with to cozy up my space.  I draped one over my couch in my keeping room.

Since, many winter days in the South, we are fortunate enough to sit outside, I also threw a couple on my outdoor chairs to create a warmer look.

I’m starting to think I should have bought four more as I quickly realized how easy it was to place them anywhere!  Use them as a rug in a bathroom or in  front of a fireplace.  Cozy up a nursery and place one in front of the crib.  The possibilities seem endless.

Here are a few other ideas I thought of:

Pretty cute, casually finding a home on the coffee table.

Looks pretty fab in my daughter’s bathroom,too.  Don’t you think?

As I sifted through some pictures I took recently at my friend Linda’s house, who happens to be a very talented with interior design, what did I spy?

Of course, I just knew she would have one.

Looking around at other sites,  I found even more creative ways to use these awesome little rugs.

Here are just a few I found:


Use them to drape over any type of bench or chair.


Warm up a modern living space floor a sheepskin rug.


Use as a table runner to instantly add softness to your table setting.

Toss over an ottoman and under a tray!

I’m starting to think the possibilities are endless.  Who would have thunk it with one tiny rug??

Have you already scored a few of these for your own home?

How do you use them?  Would love to hear!  In the meantime, I think I’m going to have to make a return trip:)

happy decorating,