I love simplicity as much as the next guy. Good clean lines and simple, uncluttered looks have a way of making you feel calm, put together, sane; and I can definitely use some of that.

Recently, however, I have been inspired by trims and details. Maybe its because some of my recent clients have done some interesting treatments, maybe I’ve been looking for a change, maybe I’m just bored with Winter; or maybe I’ve watched the last episode of, Breaking Bad on Netflix and I’m ready to get creative again.

Whatever the reason, when I see how clever details and different kinds of trim can enhance a pillow, a window or a shade, I get almost giddy.

There are so many easy ways to create a custom look, and not just the usual, “trim or fringe” down the leading edge of the panel”.

Next time you are decorating your space, try some of these clever and unique ideas to accent the pillow and window treatments.

Color Blocking

I absolutely love this! Instead of adding trim to your treatment, make the treatment be part of the trimming! I did this in my daughter’s room when I didn’t have enough fabric to make the drape. I just selected another fabric and put them together to make a great window panel. No one would have guess my real reason for doing this! It looks like I planned it.

Banding and Trim

Think outside the box with banding and trim. It doesn’t always have to go down the edge. How about on the top? Or the bottom? You can even put it in the middle; mix it up!

Fringe, Tassels and Overlays

There are so many creative and different ways to enhance and even repurpose existing window treatments. A few weeks ago, at a client’s house, she shared with me that she was bored with some chocolate velvet panels I had done for her six years ago. So, rather than changing the whole look, she just glued a great looking, unique banding down the lead-edge for a completely different eye catching appearance.

For more ideas and inspiration, check out our Portfolio.

We’d love to hear from you. Please share in comments any interesting ideas you’ve done with trims recently!