Usually, trends in decorating follow shortly behind the fashion industry.  So, we should have seen it coming when trendy European discos and American night clubs were packed with flashy metallic attire. Or when after years off the radar screen, we were seeing gold jewelry and gold accessories like belts and shoes suddenly reappear.

Silver and chrome were the norm for so long. Unless you were married in the 80?s or early 90?s chances are you have a white gold or platinum wedding band. Ditto for bathroom fixtures. Around the mid 90?s, gold was being replaced by nickel and chrome.

Even during the first ten years of the millineum, silver still reigned; although we started to see rustic, black and dark hardware make its way into our homes.

The only gold we saw was the gold we had on the table at the gold parties, trying to make a little cash as gold prices soared.  We wanted to sell it, not wear it.  We couldn’t wait to get rid of all those kinked herringbone chains.

Today, metallics and gold shine bright in fabrics, textiles and home decorating.  Everyone one once said you needed black piece to anchor a room; a little metallic or gold piece can now do the same.  Possibilities are endless. Pillows, cushions, a painted occasional table or mirror.

6 Ways to Use Metallics and Gold in Decorating

1.  Metallic Drapery panels–recently, a client used gold metallic linen window treatments to update her dining room.

2. Metallic accent pillow or pouf–one of the easiest ways to update any room.  A metallic throw pillow or two, or pouf to sit on!  This Pine Cone Hill pouf fits the bill!

3.  Metallic seat cushions– for the seat or back cushion, this turquoise seat cushion offers instant “wow”.

4.  Gold leaf or metallic accent table–this great gold metallic bar cart from Target is a must have for any home.  Featured and decorated by The glitter Guide.

5.  Gold or metallic mirror or clock–Designer Julie Thigpen of Belle Maison offers how a couple of carefully selected gold or metallic accent pieces can anchor a room without overpowering the space.

6.  DIY your own!  Budget is tapped but you want instant decor gratification?  Buy an can or two of metallic spray paint and reinvent an accessory you’re bored with—-a lamp, mirror, jars, old table—-the possibilities are endless, and easy on your pocketbook!

And if you really want to get crazy, my son’s friend Eric, saw the metallic fabrics on my kitchen table, and thought that he and my son, Sam, needed some metallic pants made.  Did I say they were in the movie making business?  I guess they need the “duds” to let people know they are serious.  Don’t worry, when I get these “interesting” things made, you all will be the first to see!


Happy metallicizing!


hogs and kisses,