Happy Textile Tuesday! Summer is around the corner, so I decided it’s time to move on outside and take a close look at decorating outdoor spaces. Has anybody been out to look for outdoor fabrics recently? Wow, is all I can say. It used to be outdoor fabrics consisted of lots of tropical printed fabrics, with a few stripes thrown in for good measure. Its like we all wanted to pretend we were in Jamaica or a rain forest when we relaxed on our patio or deck. Not anymore! Outdoor fabrics have arrived! Paisleys, geometrics, bamboo, colors and varieties galore. Maybe we finally realize that our outdoor environment is really just an extension of our home. We can now choose patterns that we use inside our homes, but with the added mold and mildew protection we need for outdoors.
So, first things first: I really want to freshen up my patio for summer. Below you can see the Target chairs I bought last year. I love them but they are looking a little faded and dull. And because the cushions didn’t come with zippers(I hate that), I can’t just throw them in the wash. That would have been helpful to clean off the heavy film of pollen collected on them. I tried to brush it off the best I could, but didn’t get too far. The good news is the cushions came with the chairs, so I can just cut them off and put new covers on, with zippers, of course!
So, I came across this awesome looking Schumacher Trina Turk fabrics the other day; unfortunately the LA college road trip put it out of my budget.
I, however, was not to be deterred. I was going to get a great look for less. So, I checked out the array of outdoor fabric choices at my local Greenville fabric store and look what I found:
Are these fabrics great? Please help me decide which color palette to go with, leave a comment on your favorite one! You may even get a prize! Unfortunately, I can’t complete this project until pollen has subsided. But, once it has, check back to see the results. And I haven’t ruled out a little Trina Turk toss pillow to pull it all together! hogs and kisses, recreateyour