A few days ago, we were talking about this inspiration board Kim made after she returned from market in July.  If we had to say one theme or idea caught our eye this time it was one thing:   COLOR!  We were  excited with new possibilities, then quickly came up with 3 easy ways to add color to our homes.  Unfortunately, things didn’t quite progress as planned.

Confession time — we didn’t get  alot accomplished this summer.  Well actually that’s not quite true……between the two of us, we had one graduation, a parent move to a bigger condo, and four semi-grown college age kids back in our homes, along with all their “stuff”.  So, you know the drill; our routines went by the wayside as meals to be made multiplied, laundry sprouted everywhere, and “Mom, I was just wondering if you could (fill in the blank) for me today?” was a common phrase. And it was fun, sort of? We know that is what we are supposed to say….maybe a better word is “busy”.

So recently, we moved four kids back to school, moved one to start a new job(hallelujah), shipped a car across the country for yet another, and are down to one graduate student still at home finishing out pharmacy rotations.  The plan is that by this time next year, two more will graduate and be off the dole, or is it doll, as my dad used to day. Its exhausting just thinking about it.

With all that sad, the dog days of summer are upon us.  Outside, colors fade, so its hard not to get re-inspired by the inspiration board filled with color . And with the change of seasons, why not add deeper hues and tones of colors in yellows, greens, oranges and even blues to add warmth.

Michele has a knack for finding that perfect look in the most unlikely places.   This week’s fabric was used to make beautiful pillows for a client’s daughter’s bedroom.  The fabric is from Romo Fabrics, a company I haven’t heard of before; but you can bet I’ll be paying attention to them now!  I immediately started following them on pinterest.

When paired with the Petite Ruffle bedsheets from Pinecone Hill, another favorite of ours,this young lady will have sweet dreams for years to come.